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Please, consult the attached submission guide and the competition rules.

The competition deadline is 22nd of April.


In this page it is available the form to submit the competition and send us the game or storyboard to be evaluated by the jury of experts.
In order to submit the competition create your own account in the form below, clicking on "Register" and following the instructions.

All the partecipants are asked to:

- give us a link to the game or upload a compressed folder (max size 128 MB) with all the files that enable the jury to play the game or to access the storyboard.
The consortium suggests to send a link rather than a compressed folder in order to faciltate the upload and download process;
- fulfill and then upload the form with all the details of the game or storyboard.


All the files or link must be sent through the below form: "LUDUS - BEST LEARNING GAME COMPETITION LOGIN".


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